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We are more than capital. 

We are partners.  


A good investment starts with good relationships and proper alignment. We are looking for owners and management teams who share our values and want our help -- companies that are hungry to grow but also want to improve operations and increase the resiliency of their business.


We know how to build valuable businesses, but we also know that nobody has a crystal ball. The key to success can often be the ability to weather the storm.    

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We seek to partner with independent operators that have the opportunity and room to grow in their markets. 


Ideal partner companies: (1) are in markets large enough to absorb growth without displacing incumbents;* (2) have equity value at or below $15MM; (3) have strong managers in place with the desire and ability to grow the company; and (4) have an ownership group that is open to new capital and is willing to exit when the conditions are right. 

*At this time, we are not looking at any companies in the state of Colorado.


Elevation Rental Partners is a private equity fund and one of our primary goals is to produce extraordinary financial returns for ourselves and our investors.  But this isn't the only reason we have started this fund.  

We have been to the top of the mountain and there is no greater feeling. Now we want to put the lessons we have learned to good use, by guiding the next generation of business leaders to that same place. In business, the only thing better than success is shared success.

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